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03 September 2012 @ 12:46 pm
Fic: Primadonna (5/6)  
Title: Primadonna
Pairings/Characters: Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark; Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes, all Avengers, Loki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Avengers spoilers
Word Count: 2,308
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Tony wakes in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar place, and it takes him a good twenty or so seconds to get a grasp on his surroundings before he remembers the adult sleepover with Darcy. He's sat up in bed, rubbing his face with a snuffle. He rarely sleeps through whole nights anymore unless he's got particularly hammered.

Darcy stirred next to him, rolling onto her other side to face him and presses up against him: Tony smirks at her, revelling at her naked body beneath the blankets.

He pulled her towards him and rested his head on her chest, Darcy wrapping her arms around him and sighing in her sleep.

Tony watched her for some time before drifting off.


Darcy enjoyed having regular sex with Tony Stark over the next few weeks. He was experienced and considerate in bed, even polite at times when he insisted she climaxed before him every time. Darcy discovered he had no real sense of personal space in any situation, not just work. His persistence was often endearing, but she couldn't stop other responsibilities from getting in their way.

During the third week of their – well, whatever it was that was going on – Tony stayed three nights in a row in Darcy's bed, dead to the world after having fucked each other's brains out into the early hours of the morning. It had been a good week. Darcy showered and got dressed, remembering she had a meeting with Jane that morning to sign contracts. She'd be officially working for the government by that afternoon.

“You're leaving?”

Tony's hair was sticking up and his eyes squinted at her as he rubbed the sleep from them. He looked a little ridiculous, in his own adorable way.

“I have to see the suits,” she said as she buttoned her blouse. Today wasn't a jeans and t-shirt day, much to her despair. She liked not having to worry about what she wore 99% of the time, but since she was meant to make a positive impression before she could be hired, business wear was ideal.

Tony pouted, dropping his head back down on the pillow.

“Aw, am I making you feel cheap?”

Tony grumbled and rolled over. Darcy strapped on a pair of heels, her only unscuffed pair, and leant down to kiss Tony's bare shoulder.

“I'll only be a few hours tops. Maybe we'll have lunch.”

Tony bolted upright as if he'd just remembered something, his eyes wide.

“You're having dinner tonight with me and Rhodey.”

“I am?”

Tony nodded, before jumping up from the bed, naked, to find his pants.
“You realise it's Thursday, so I can't get too drunk tonight? Some of us have work in the morning.”

This was a little mean of her. It wasn't like Tony wasn't working – his main project at the moment was constructing a suitable device capable of keeping hold of Loki for when they were likely to arrest him in the future. So far he'd been collaborating with Bruce on different theories on how to control Loki's magic once he was inside the – well, it was going to be a big box. The big box hadn't been the most interesting project Tony had, but it was a necessary part of fighting his everyday boredom, since they had just been waiting around for Loki to make another appearance for weeks.

Tony's days had no real structure, since Darcy had expanded to helping his colleagues with their own day-to-day lives, though she occasionally shared her lunches with him when he came and found her in the afternoons, his hair and clothes matted with grease. He'd make the same wry smirk whenever he saw her, pleased with himself, and their relationship had quickly gone from professional to obvious with a capital 'duh'.

It was mostly Tony's fault, since he always was very touchy-feely with the rest of the team, only with Darcy had he been exceptionally frequent with his shoulder squeezes or pokes. Darcy only had to jab him back in the ribs one night and the rest of The Avengers knew everything. Natasha even smirked a little.

“Ah, not too drunk. Got it,” Tony teased, pulling his pants back on, jumping up and down on the spot.

“And I shouldn't be nervous at all about meeting one of your oldest friends?”

Darcy knew she was being a little petty, but, you know, it was Thursday. She was craving the weekend by now and wanted to relax. Anything even slightly stress-inducing was unfavourable right now.

Tony glanced at her after he shoved his shirt over his head. “No, babe. Why?”

Darcy sighed. She didn't like it, but there was still a lingering sense of doubt whenever she was with Tony. She tried to shrug, but he was wrapping his arms around her within seconds, a hard kiss on her mouth as he cradled her head with one hand, the other at her waist.

“Never mind,” Darcy forced a smile and sighed happily against Tony's lips. She decided to ignore Tony's concerned, searching gaze as he tried to figure out what she'd been saying without words.


Coulson wasn't present at the initial contract-signing business-y meeting (Darcy was starting to think she maybe over-thought the whole morning, since Jane just produced a stack of papers for her to sign the second she turned up in the lab, not waiting for some kind of hint of approval from the two SHIELD suits that were hanging around). This was a little disappointing for Darcy, because she wanted to gloat about her outfit; see, I can be responsible, assface.

The suits left within minutes. Darcy stared after them with her coffee mug to her lips.

“Why were they even here?”

“Because they know you're fucking Tony Stark.”

Darcy coughed, nearly choking. “Uh, sure.”

“You were going to tell me, right? You didn't just send them to tell me you were now engaged in a compromising relationship with Iron Man?” Jane's eyebrows hitched up to her hairline, and she crossed her arms.

Darcy felt her face flush and her stomach flip. “Is that what they're calling it?”

“It's what Fury described it as, at least.”

Darcy stared at her, regaining some confidence as she took a large sip from her mug. She pushed her glasses up her nose.

“And you disapprove of him.”

Darcy suppressed the voice in her head telling her to yell 'you're not my mom' as Jane looked uncomfortable, like when Darcy told the hospital receptionist she hit Thor with a car.

“Jane, I can look after myself,” she snapped as Jane opened her mouth to say something more. She didn't want to think about the conversation she could initially have with her actual mother, if she ever did return her calls.

Darcy pushed back the guilt and changed the subject.

“Give me something to do.”


Dinner went better than expected. Darcy remembered to shake Rhodey's hand when they met up in the Avengers Tower foyer. The way he surveyed her, Darcy knew he was expecting someone she wasn't.
Tony had a reservation at some quaint Japanese place Darcy heard about from Natasha. She was pleased Tony had listened to her suggestion. He seemed to be on his best behaviour, joking with Rhodey and not making things too awkward by being overly touchy-feely.

Then came the weird conversation about Pepper that totally threw Darcy off. She knew they all went back over a decade, and that Rhodey and Tony had known each other since at least college, but Darcy still didn't appreciate Rhodey being all defensive like she'd done something wrong by dating Tony after Pepper. That wasn't her business.

“She's doing pretty well, Tony, since I last saw her. Maybe you'd know that too if you bothered visiting every once in a while,” Rhodey muttered over his beer, and Darcy averted her eyes, pretending to be super fascinated by what was on her plate.

Tony narrowed one eye at him. “She's doing fine without me, I'm sure.”

“That's not the point. You were a pretty strong unit, and now that you and Darcy-”

“Hey.” Darcy snapped, because that was enough. “Don't talk like I'm not here, okay?”

Her face was burning as Rhodey stared at her. Tony looked smug.

“I'm guessing Pepper's not the type of woman to be calling up her ex's friends, crying about how much she misses her ex, trying to use you, Rhodey, to get Tony to go back to her, right?”

Rhodey frowned.

“Yeah, you should give Pepper some more credit,” piped up Tony, pointing at Rhodey with his chopsticks. “She broke my heart.”

Well, no-one knew what the hell to say to that.


Darcy was quiet the rest of the night, unlike her. Thoughts were chewing away at her and she didn't know how to tackle them, and she was sure she didn't want to talk to Tony about them with Rhodey in earshot.
Tony followed her back to her apartment, but she wasn't in the mood to touch him. When he leaned in to kiss her, she moved her head to the side so that he caught just her cheek instead.


“Tony,” Darcy warned, and pushed him back with her hands on his chest. “What are we doing?”

“Sexy things? I hoped?”

“Could you please be serious for five seconds?” she snapped, and sat on her bed, sighing and closing her eyes for a second. “I know you don't ever want to be, but just shut up, please. Listen to me.”

Tony scratched the back of his head. He undid his eye with his other hand tiredly. “Okay.”

Darcy didn't like to see him visibly deflated because of her, but she couldn't keep these suspicions inside her for much longer.

“Am I a rebound? Is what happened with Pepper really that complicated? I just – I just --”

Darcy sighed again.

They stared at one another for several moments before sitting beside her, taking taking her hands in his and giving her another long stare.

“I didn't think that what's happened with Pepper would happen. Neither what happened with you.”

Darcy's heart sank. “If you thought you'd stay with Pepper forever, tell her that. I'll step aside. It's not my business. Sometimes I wish I never knew she existed. She probably thinks the same of me.”

God, this was so high school Darcy wanted to vomit. She wasn't far off having someone stuff a mean note in her locker about stealing boyfriends.

“Pepper couldn't take me any more. I made things...really difficult. It's entirely my fault.”

In these rare moments of genuine emotion, Darcy wasn't ever quite comfortable knowing he kept this sadness inside himself 99% of the time, only revealing himself when things got really bad.
“I just think that eventually...”

“I'll leave you?”

Tony gave the smallest smile.

“Well, Stark. Give me a little more credit.”

Darcy understood now. For years Tony had always had flings each week (or day) until he saw how important Pepper truly was to him. They fell apart, because of him. Now he was expecting to repeat this with Darcy.

“You better not think I'd get rid of you that easily,” she added. “Just because you're Iron Man doesn't mean I wouldn't kick your ass into gear.”

Tony laughed at that, looking relieved. Darcy lifted her hands from Tony's and began undoing the buttons of his shirt. He kept on laughing.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking off all your clothes.”


Darcy was in the middle of typing up schedules for the week when Loki decided to smash into the penthouse for the second time in six months.

Darcy felt the blast easily from her desk, and jumped. The coffee in her mug spilt onto a stack of memos and she groaned.

“Ugh, Thor, if that was you -”

Something, or someone, smacked her on the side of the head, sending her across the sitting room - where her desk had taken up permanent residence – and she landed against a wall.

“Hello again.”

Loki greeted her with the same manic grin as last time.

“What the fuck?”

From where Darcy was lying on the carpet, her eyes glided from this boots up his armour to the staff Loki clutched in one hand. It had a distinct blue glow to it.

“I didn't have this the last time. Maybe Agent Barton would be able to tell you more about it.”

Darcy knew she needed to stall him as long as possible before anyone could turn up to catch him. She knew that within seconds of his arrival, JARVIS would have alerted the others.

“No, no. Don't think about it,” his voice was ice, and he pointed the staff straight at her this time.

Darcy's mouth went dry, and she swallowed desperately, scrambling away from Loki on the floor, sure that if she could just get to her bag by her desk –

Loki grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her from the floor roughly.

“I said, don't think,” he pushed her against the wall, lightly pressing the glowing staff on the top of her left breast. “about it.”

Darcy immediately had the feeling of being drunk. A kind of numbness took over, and she didn't care as much about Loki being there. Everything was just fine.

“There you are,” Loki whispered, his smile back again, this time warm and welcoming.

Darcy sighed, returning a lazy grin.

She took Loki's hand.
Note: Next chapter will be the last one, so I decided to cut this one short because I thought having a mega long final chapter wouldn't work as well.