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24 August 2012 @ 11:37 am
Fic: Primadonna (3/?)  
Title: Primadonna
Pairings/Characters: Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark; all Avengers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexy stuff, Avengers spoilers, some swears
Word Count: 3,972
Part 1 | Part 2

The Avengers could do very little at that point. Loki had still not surfaced after an hour's wait in the main sitting room, and Darcy could do even less. There was nothing to organize or sort; all that mattered was the inevitable battle, and though she wasn't that involved in the actual business of fighting Loki, if it came to that point (and let's be honest, Loki didn't seem like the kind of guy to leave well enough alone), Darcy wasn't prepared.

She kept shaking at her desk and played the event of The Destroyer in New Mexico over and over in her mind. And she'd heard all about Loki and his mind-control games. It was more not knowing Loki's limit that frightened her. And where the hell was Thor, anyway?

Thor smashed easily into the tiled balcony, furious and equally confused.

“My father banished him to a silent world to contemplate his misgivings,” Thor boomed, as if a conversation the team had been happening never finished and it was perfectly normal to just enter any building via crashing into the side of it. “I do not know how he was able to transport himself here.”

“Maybe he cut a deal with someone,” Clint said, giving a half-shrug and ignoring the flecks of paint and dust Thor was shaking off onto his boots. “The point is, he's on Earth, right?”

Darcy dashed into the sitting room, and Thor smiled at her.

“Thor! Oh, thank God.”

She ran to him and squeezed his side as he patted her a little too hard on the head.

“Is anyone else pretending they're not offended by that comment?”

Darcy ignored Tony and clung to Thor for a bit longer. “How's Jane?”

“She is safe and quite busy. Why are you in your sleeping garments?”

“Good question,” Darcy muttered. “Maybe I'll go change if Coulson lets me.”


“We've lost track of him,” Coulson announced an hour later, close to dawn. The sky had turned a gray-blue and the traffic below Avengers Tower was already becoming packed.


“My thoughts exactly,” Coulson replied to Darcy's outburst. He was checking his phone. “If he doesn't make an appearance we'll have to assume it was another hoax or Loki is just taking his time.”

“So this was a dress rehearsal?” Tony narrowed his eyes at Coulson just slightly. “Interesting.”

“This was a legitimate report, as far as we know. This wasn't a test.”

“Sure,” Darcy could just hear Clint murmur to Natasha.

“So we can go back to bed? Are we dismissed?” Darcy couldn't help smiling. She could get a couple hours' sleep before officially starting work later.

“Yes, you're dismissed.”

Darcy got up from the couch and planned to skip along back to the elevator, not caring who saw, but stopped in her tracks when she saw a face in the window in the corner of her eye.

Darcy screamed.

Tony jumped, Bruce immediately tensed, and the others took a fighting stance and looked at Darcy.

“What is it?”

Darcy noticed Tony was trying to get her attention, so she looked away from the window for just a split second, only to look back to find Loki standing in front of her this time, grinning.

Darcy had never seen Loki up close before. He was much taller than her, lean and pale. He wasn't wearing his helmet or carrying his staff, but the crazy face was certainly not helping Darcy calm down. She screamed again, jumping back.

“That is perhaps the most dramatic reaction I have ever seen,” he mused, grin spreading wider.

“Brother, please leave,” Thor begged, and for the first time, Darcy saw him frightened. “Return to Midgard before we have to battle.”

Coulson was glaring at Loki. “Do what your brother says. Leave.”

“I was just paying a visit, to see how things are proceeding on this end,” Loki turned his head just slightly, his eyes travelling over to Clint.

“Give me any excuse not to,” Clint snarled, bow raised.


A fight didn't break out, which didn't make any sense. What made even less sense, if it were possible, was Loki turning himself in with a smile. When they arrived at SHIELD headquarters with prisoner in tow, Darcy still felt like this was some weird dream and she'd wake up at any second with a spot of drool under her chin at her desk.

Loki was hauled into an Interview Room B, which Darcy knew was not the appropriate term for the conversation about to follow, and she was sure she had never been in an interview room in handcuffs.

It was a weird site, right? Captain America in costume, along with a big surfer-looking guy with a giant hammer, plus two SHIELD agents clearly packing heat at the crack of dawn loitering in a hallway. Not to mention Tony Stark in his frayed jeans and torn Black Sabbath shirt with a girl in her pyjamas beside him, and Bruce Banner rubbing his eyes and replacing his glasses.

Coulson appeared after a few minutes alone with Loki. He shook his head pointedly at Natasha, who nodded.

“He also wants Darcy to come in, too. Says he won't say anything without her there.”

Darcy felt several pairs of eyes on her at once.

“Understood,” Natasha said.

“No, not understood!” Darcy felt like stamping her feet. Hell, she'd had maybe three hours sleep.

“Do I have to even ask whether she has her taser?” Coulson looked at anyone but Darcy.

Just as Darcy followed after Natasha into Interview Room B, she overheard Tony taking bets on how long it would take for Darcy to panic and buzz Loki into submission. Darcy for once didn't roll her eyes at something her boss said because it was actually quite sweet of him to suggest she was even slightly capable of going up against the God of Mischief.

Loki was sitting on the other side of the table in the middle of the room. There was nothing special about the location, except that it screamed 'Interrogation Room: One of Many' to Darcy.

“Black Widow! And the child,” Loki greeted, pleased.

Natasha and Darcy exchanged glances, but Darcy found herself staring into dead eyes. This was obviously a familiar territory to her.

“Loki,” she said stiffly, and sat in the chair opposite to him, placing her hands on the table and looking straight at him. Darcy couldn't handle that just yet and instead opted for standing a little further away against the wall, crossing her arms.

“Why are you here? What's the plan?”

“What, no games this time?”

There was a brief silence, and whatever they were referring to was not something Darcy understood. She'd known about some of Natasha's methods, but forced whatever romantic ones she may have resorted to the back of her mind. Loki wasn't ugly, but neither was he sane.


“And what about her?”

Loki was talking about Darcy, but didn't look her way, smiling as he waited for Darcy to show any sign of reaction. She looked at the floor.

“You tell me. But first, why are you here?”

“Does it bother you that you are always the one dealing with the particularly difficult people in this organisation? They send you because you're not a porcelain doll, like the rest of them. All new and perfect.”

He spoke in low tones, but every word was enunciated so precisely like a speech. There had to be a plan to this, or otherwise, why play ball?

“You're nothing. You kill people for personal gains. And fun.”
Darcy was glad she wasn't on the other side of that table looking into Natasha's eyes. She could practically hear the stink-eye from where she stood.

“Don't try and talk like Fury does. You're not like them, and you know that. Your ledger, or what have you, has made that perfectly clear.”

For the first time, Loki's eyes flickered up to Darcy, and she froze. The malice was no longer covered by some kind of trouble-making glint.

“And you...you're just dead weight.”

Don't listen to the crazy guy, Darcy thought. It was a desperate plea to herself.

“As soon as possible, these mortals will throw you aside. When everything is gone, everyone will turn on you.”

“If you mean the public, that isn't news to any of us.”

Darcy remembered the celebrations of peace, and the optimism. Then came the people who blamed The Avengers for Loki having come to Earth in the first place. Avoid an invasion and experience a mutiny.

“Yes, but I am aware of what you are capable of,” Loki said to Natasha. “Your tricks.”

This was something else Natasha wasn't going to go into, clearly, because she ignored him, stood up from the table and turned back to Darcy.

“I need at least one cup of coffee to deal with this bullshit.”

Darcy hadn't heard Natasha curse before, so Loki obviously must have walked into some deep shit by bringing up the past.

“You're leaving me with him,” Darcy yelled, just as Loki muttered, “Leaving me with the child.”

Natasha glanced at Darcy. “Yes.”

Natasha walked swiftly to the door and shut it behind her. Darcy dared to look over at Loki, only see him suddenly right in front of her, leaning over her. He closed the gap between them by placing a fist beside her head against the wall.

“Tell me,” Loki said casually. “What is it about you that gives you a reason to be anywhere near Stark and his friends?”

His face was barely inches from hers.

“I worked for Jane Foster. Your brother's girlfriend.”

How Darcy managed to speak, she didn't know. She felt like the words were just coming out of her like pulling a loose thread on a sweater. Unravelling. Why wasn't anyone beating down the door to get her out? There had to be at least three cameras in that room alone.

“Yes, I know her. Don't understand why he wastes time on her.”

“I don't know why you waste your time here.”

Darcy attempted a joke in front of a psycho alien god thing. She couldn't stop herself. God, what was happening to her? Everything she just said was coming straight from –

“My magic's making you talk, if you were wondering. No need to panic. I just can't trust anyone here to speak clearly. To not hide anything. I learnt that the hard way last time.”

“She tricked you! Natasha tricked you.”

Loki suddenly punched the wall beside her head. “I'm asking the questions!”

Jesus! Calm down, dude, Darcy thought. “Jesus! Calm down, dude.”

The anger was gone and he half-smiled at her.

“Oh, God. Stop. Just stay the one personality at any given time, okay? I'll talk to you, just don't keep bashing shit and then smiling at me because I'm only going to clam up in a panic and use my taser, alright?”

“What, this thing?”

Loki lifted up her taser which he had in his other hand. The little shit.

“You little shit!”

He laughed this time while Darcy attempted to swipe it from him.

Hey,” he snarled, the smile fading almost instantly. “I'll use this if I have to.”

“So, you've got me up against a wall. This isn't the way we court a woman here, if you were wondering. It's not what Thor did.”

“Well, good,” Loki hissed. “I'm hoping I never do anything like my dear brother ever again.”

Darcy swallowed, running her lip over her dry lips, and something dawned on Loki's face at this reflex action. He dropped the taser by their feet and grabbed her chin, forcing her face towards him.

“Oh, I think I understand it now. The appeal of something like you around when it feels like the world's ending. What are you to Stark?”

“I mostly make coffee, sort mail,” Darcy mumbled, trying to pry herself from him. “But why is the world ending?”

“That'll be up to me, my lady,” Loki said, back to grinning. “I'm going to make The Avengers regret ever battling me. They'll regret it as they watch everyone around them die, everything around them burning.”

There was a few seconds of silence between them as Loki's eyes bore into her and she felt her jaw bruise from his grip as he forced her to look right back at him.
The door banged open, and there was Fury.

“That's enough. Let her go.”

And then Darcy realised she'd been bait all along, not Natasha. Or maybe she'd been used by both parties.


Returning to Avengers Tower, no-one spoke. Darcy walked ahead of everyone, refusing to look at the concerned faces. Natasha was stone-faced as usual, making a point of not looking at Darcy and listening to Clint as he murmured something into her ear. Tony was angry.

“How is this my life?”

Darcy realized she said this aloud, as Bruce looked up from whatever the hell it was he was reading. How could he be reading at a time like this? Darcy wanted to run up to him and flip the book out of his hands. Tony fumbled his decanter and replaced it, turning to look at her with dark eyes.

“You all just let me stay in there, and I had no idea what he was going to do to me.”

Darcy felt her face grow hot. “I was fucking bait and you just let him do that to me.”

More silence. Natasha bit her lip.

“Is that all I am to you guys?” Her voice went quiet and she gripped one of the couches as she leant against it, steadying herself.

“No. Never,” Tony snapped. “I am fucking done with following any stupid idea Fury has from now on.”

“It was a minor miscalculation,” Natasha retorted hotly. “We had no idea how powerful Loki could be without his staff. He was handcuffed. It was a mistake.”

“Not good enough.” To Darcy's utter surprise, it was Bruce who spoke this time. “I've had my own bad experiences with SHIELD before, sure. But what Fury did was just plain bargaining.”

He breathed deeply for a moment. “And Loki's hand print will probably be on your face for a few days, Darcy.”

“Everyone, let's just calm down,” said Steve, hands raised slightly from his sides. Tony looked like he wanted to rip him a new one for having said anything.

“Good idea,” Darcy breathed. She turned her heel in and practically ran to the elevator.


JARVIS asked Darcy if she was okay, which was a nice touch to the AI. She croaked the level wanted and arrived at Tony's workshop. Her finger flew over the keypad and she let herself in, walking past the car parts, computers, food scraps and empty coffee cups up to the shelves by the back wall and sank to the ground, sighing.

She thought she was going to cry, but instead she just felt a squeeze somewhere in her chest, like shame. And maybe disappointment, too. She could understand Loki using her to send a message to The Avengers and plant seeds of doubt into her mind, because he was the consistent bad guy in this scenario.

She couldn't expect anything kind from him, but this team had took her in six points from graduating, telling her she was special enough to be a part of saving people. She'd been a fool to think she was important. Fury had made that clear, and Natasha. Clint, too, now that she thought about it, and she felt the heat return to her face.

Her chin hurt. She massaged her chin, making chewing motions. Bruce was right. There was definitely some bruising there.


Oh, God. Tony.

“Uh, yeah?”

“You in here?”


Tony appeared, frowning sadly, with two drinks and a brown paper bag under one arm. He walked up to Darcy and sat on the floor beside her. For all his money and fame, Darcy appreciated he didn't think he was above sitting on the tiles beside her.

She took her drink and took a gulp, wincing. They ignored that it wasn't even 9:30.

Tony attempted to hand her the bag, nudging her knee with it. Fuck, she was still in her fucking pyjamas.

“I think you got me this doughnut but I left it upstairs and now I don't want it any more.”

“Are you still angry?”

“Of course,” Tony said, but he cracked a smile. Darcy took out the doughnut, pink icing sticking to her fingers.

“You know, for the first time ever, I'm not going to eat this doughnut.”

Tony looked genuinely sad at this. “Aw, jeez.”

“Hmm, I know,” Darcy agreed, drinking.

“I don't want to go to any meetings today. I should get some plans done up and start a project I've had in mind since the early hours of this morning,” Tony said, frowning.

“Do you ever want to go to meetings, anyway?”

Tony shook his head.

“I'll make the calls later. I just want to rest for a second if that's okay.”

“That's fine, Darce.”

“No, I wasn't really asking for permission.”

He laughed at that. She couldn't help but smile back. She rolled her shoulders against the wood of the shelf, sure that an encyclopaedia of God-knows-what was sticking into her back.

“Why am I here, Tony?”

“I thought we already talked about this,” Tony narrowed his eyes, ignoring Darcy's concern.

“Not really. I don't remember much of that night. Except that you said that you wanted me, and that Clint -”

Darcy stopped herself. Maybe it was the 'wanted' part that made Tony stop mid-sip, or it was the unexpected mention of Clint, but either way it was an obvious reaction.

“I didn't tell you I tried to hook up with Clint, right?”

A wicked smile spread across Tony's face as he got back to drinking. “Yes, you did.”

“Oh, God.”

“It's actually quite amusing.”

Darcy huffed. “Well, then, I'll try my luck with Bruce and see fucking hilarious that is to you.”

Tony went quiet and looked into his glass for a moment, before looking back at Darcy, and she found herself licking her lips again, a chill running down her spine.

“Don't do that. I'd get jealous.”

Darcy placed the pseudo-confident mask on again and rose to retreat as fast as possible. She ignored his searching gaze. She left the doughnut on the floor, but finished her glass and placed it on one of the other shelves. She gave Tony a half-smile and placed a hand on his head, running her fingers just for a moments through his hair.

She dropped her hand and turned, only to have her hand grabbed from below. She looked down and Tony was still staring up at her.

“Interesting choice of words you used about me wanting you,” he murmured.

There was a moment, just a moment in-between what was about to happen that Darcy wanted to savour. Just looking at Tony and knowing he was showing his cards, his honest affection.

“Come here,” she whispered, and he was up in a second, closing the distance between them as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

The first kiss was gentle. Tony lowered his head just slightly as Darcy leant upwards, their noses brushing and then she pressed her lips against his in a chaste peck.
That felt fine. It felt good. She wanted more.

She placed her hands on the sides of his face and pulled at him, breathing through her nose. Tony gave across between a laugh and an appreciative groan as he opened his mouth to let her tongue massage his. They began to speed up, kisses becoming greedy and desperate.

Darcy's hands travelled to under Tony's shirt, gliding her fingers over his stomach, the skin of his lower back. She pushed him into a shelf and he gave a grunt.


His complaint was short-lived as Darcy kissed him again, sucking on his lower lip and pressing him against the shelf. Her hand snaked up his chest this time, stopping at the chest piece and just lightly pressing it with her fingertips. They broke apart and Darcy looked up at Tony through her lashes.

“I'm still in my fucking pyjamas, Tony.”

He grabbed her and they switched sides, Darcy's backside pressing against the books and she winced, wrapping her arms around Tony's neck and kissing him again, filthy and demanding. Darcy's hands dropped to Tony's waist as he pushed with his thigh between her legs. He was hard against her leg and Darcy felt her heart start to beat faster.

It took her seconds to get out of her stupid pyjama buttons, though the drawstring seemed to be more stubborn than usual. Darcy tried to not seem too desperate to lose her pants, but Tony seemed to appreciate her enthusiasm and groaned when she started on his fly with shaking fingers.

Tony wrapped his arms around her waist again, lifting her up and pressed inside her. Darcy gave a slight gasp and held onto him with her bare thighs as her hand reached up to the shelf, trying to gain some purchase.

He filled her slowly, shakily as he held her up.

“Fuck,” Darcy hissed, and Tony buried his face in her hair as he lunged slowly, deliberately.

Darcy gripped a fistful of Tony's hair, trying desperately to hold on. She was already panting into his hair, wondering how long she would last, before –

She clenched around him and came, like a little ripple. It was short, but sweet. Tony didn't stop. With the bucking hips, the groaning, their bodies pressing together, Darcy felt herself let go.

Tony resurfaced from Darcy's mane and kissed her, open-mouthed and rough. Darcy drew her tongue across his teeth and heard another groan from the back of his throat. He sounded short of breath, and beads of sweat were beginning to appear on his forehead.

They didn't come together. It went like this.

Tony kissed her neck and without warning, touched her clit with his palm. Darcy felt the surge of pleasure as he lunged into her, rubbing her, and her toes curled while she clenched around him. She recovered enough to grab Tony's chin to bring his mouth to hers again, staring straight into his eyes. She wanted to watch him come.

She felt weak and boneless, blissfully exhausted, and waited for Tony to open his eyes, and they were caught in each other's gaze.

“Fuck, Darcy,” he whispered.

He came, babbling nonsensically, and leaned in to kiss her again, riding it out and shuddering.


He was still inside her for some time as they held each other like that for a moment or two, and then Tony started to giggle, bordering on hysteria. Darcy smiled at him, slowly lowering herself from against the shelf, so her feet touched the floor, and they separated.

She liked the feeling of her skin against his jean-clad legs, his hands resting on her waist.

She kissed him on the cheek, breathing in his smell of incense and motor oil.


Notes: Thanks for patiently waiting for this chapter! I know it ends quite abruptly, but I was itching to finish it on a highlight. But hurrah for reading it this far. :)