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17 December 2009 @ 11:56 am
Fic: Dog Days Are Over (2/2), Noel Fielding/Russell Brand (RPF)  
Title: Dog Days Are Over
Author: grimeysociety
Pairing: Noel Fielding/Russell Brand
Warnings: Slash, drug references
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,070
Summary: For the next few months, Noel accidentally-on-purpose misplaced Russell’s phone number and avoided most of Hampstead. It was an admittedly cowardly move on Noel’s part, but once Russell began to butt in, demanding if he’d been on poppers several times they’d been out together, Noel had to shut down and avoid the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Part 1

For the next few months, Noel accidentally-on-purpose misplaced Russell’s phone number and avoided most of Hampstead. It was an admittedly cowardly move on Noel’s part, but once Russell began to butt in, demanding if he’d been on poppers several times they’d been out together, Noel had to shut down and avoid the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach.

In fact, the nagging turned into fasting away the added stone that had made him look so different for the past year. He was back to small and skinny in tight red trousers and Julian started calling him about ideas for the phantom Boosh movie they’d been speculating for years.

He even had dinner with Dee a couple times, and for once, stayed the night when she asked him too. Buzzcocks started something new for him, but still felt something crippled inside himself, and even though things were turning a corner, his breath was laced with Heineken by lunchtime daily.
It wasn’t like Russell didn’t try to communicate, though. He’d send a daily text message, until they dwindled down to the occasional caller ID left as Noel ignored him.

By October, Russell had met Katy Perry at the VMAs and Noel felt like it was another message from Russell splashed across tabloids all over the world.
Noel stayed at Dee’s more, until she told him she couldn’t figure him out, because as much as Noel remained cheery on the outside, Dee noticed the distorted image behind his eyes. She told him they’d just be friends, like so many times before, but she seemed more dismissive this time. Noel bought a bottle of Absolut vodka that night and didn’t get out of bed for two days.

Out of desperation, he called an old dealer, asking him round for tea. He couldn’t believe his social life had gone back to speaking the most regularly with people who just wanted his money for crappy semi-talcum coke.

“Alright?” he greeted the shapes around him that were once completely visible.

Julian was too busy with the kids, and writer’s block was settling in again. That was okay for Noel, because he was never inspired, anyway. Whatever he’d had complete inside him in terms of creativity was missing now, and he couldn’t figure out why. He considered having a mid-life crisis in the form of someone new from a club, but he felt himself running away the second they shagged, forgetting the girl’s name, fiddling with his fly and ducking out awkwardly into the night.

Snaps of Russell and Katy together in the States annoyed the shit out of him. They looked so smug holding hands with straws to matching strawberry smoothies attached at their lips. Noel laughed cruelly; as if Russell had ever genuinely enjoyed one of those before. It was just as well he hadn’t called Russell, because it wasn’t like he was in the country, anyway. It wasn’t like he was thinking about Noel at all.
Still, Noel found himself drunk-dialling Russell’s home phone at three in the morning, because he’d decided the night was still fucking young.

To his horror, a female voice chirped as someone picked up: “Russell’s phone.”

Noel dropped the receiver, sobering instantly, only to hear the voice faintly calling to him, until the dial tone silenced it.

Noel didn’t mention the event to himself the following morning, and was only reminded of the unpleasantness when he saw several calls from Russell had been missed on his home and mobile phone.
Not answering anything, Noel left to film Buzzcocks to return that night, a trespassing scarecrow there to greet him.
He didn’t move to hug or kiss Russell hello, feeling for the key hole as he let them both into the untidy home.

“What are you doing here?”

When had Noel become so nasty? Or had he always been this way?

“Decided to swing by, mate. See how you’re going. You didn’t reply to any of my messages.”

Nervous laughter from Russell’s side, and silence from Noel.

“How are you, mate?”

“Yeah, alright, you?” Noel was reluctant to speak, but felt truly elated to see his friend after such a long absence.

He tried to contain himself from...from what? He didn’t know what he’d do if there were no consequences. He hated this – whatever this feeling was that was slowly beginning to boil inside him.

“Bit busy, yeah,” Russell murmured, reclining on the couch as Noel sat on the coffee table, pulling off his cowboy boots.

It was so awkward, and Noel wondered how long he had to wait before it was acceptable for him to get himself a beer. Or maybe something on the rocks. Or just a bottle of something he’d left by the sink, if the ants hadn’t got to it.

“Noticed you’ve got a new bird,” Noel muttered, ruffling his hair roughly until he was gazing at Russell through his fringe. “Or girl or whatever.”

For some reason, he hated to hear himself talk, and he hated how Russell stared at him with such warmth and frankness. He grabbed a bottle of vodka from the freezer before Russell had the chance to speak. Delaying the Girlfriend Conversation as long as possible was fine with Noel. He returned with the bottle under one arm as he texted Julian a place for lunch the next day, trying to seem casual, but failing as he felt the vodka sink in so suddenly into his empty stomach and make him feel light headed with each clumsy step.

“Yeah,” was all Russell could say.

Noel saw him become instantly uncomfortable at the sight of the vodka bottle he placed between his lips, taking a gulp and placing it beside him on the coffee table. He made sure not to wince too distinctly, and turned back to his phone again, another tactic he’d learnt to avoid unpleasantness, or to avoid himself saying something stupid, even though now he could feel something rising up inside him like anger.

“Noel,” Russell murmured, the last conversation concluding as abruptly as it had begun. “Noel.”

Noel stopped pretending to text Julian and looked up at Russell. He immediately seemed much sadder than a few moments ago.
More nervous laughter; soon there’d be a joke to cover up whatever insecurity Russell was sure to be feeling and Noel would pretend to laugh along with him. Maybe then he could ignore an ache somewhere inside him, and he could stop complaining.

“I came here because...”

For once, Russell seemed lost for words. What a blessed miracle in the awkward silence that settled on them. Noel avoided his gaze.

“You called last night, well, Katy said it was you...but you didn’t answer my calls or nothing so I thought maybe –”

“I didn’t speak to you then because she seemed too busy sitting on your dick.”

The voice that suddenly erupted from Noel was cruel and sneering. Russell’s eyebrows bounced from his expression of confusion to anger in an instant.

“Fuck you.”

They’d never spoken to each other like this before. The vodka probably didn’t help Noel’s mood, and so he rose to hit Russell on the side of his head, not hard, but purposefully.

“It’s not like that,” Russell hissed, clutching his ear. “I mean, it is, but...”

Noel was now standing and ready to ditch Russell for a pint elsewhere. He didn’t want to deal with this shit, but Russell not hitting him back made him want to stay.

“What else was I supposed to do when you don’t seem to care if I’m around or not anymore?”
Noel stared at him, words fumbling in his mouth.

“I was stoned half the time, Russ...and I was shy.”

“Shy? You’re never fucking shy. And I know you weren’t. You’re just to fucking selfish to deal with maybe someone wanting to stay with you a bit longer than post-climax.”

“You’re one to talk! Fucking commitment is like the plague to you. You can’t stand being suffocated, either,” Noel snapped back. “And it’s not like that! It’s ... complicated...”

Ending a sentence with a cliché was embarrassing, but it was all Noel could manage to say.
He didn’t feel brave enough to act, so Russell gave him the push he needed.

“Noel, I love you.”

“Russ –”

Russell was suddenly up from the couch, and his lips crashed into Noel’s with such force something opened like an ear of corn. The burning was the longing Noel had felt for some time, and like lightning, his jacket and t-shirt fell to the floor as he undressed between their kisses. Russell grabbed his middle, pulling him down to the crouch, lying on top of Noel as they continued to explore each other’s mixtures of sharp edges and curves along their bodies.
Russell eased open his mouth with a possessive tongue, and Noel heard himself sigh beneath him and felt a twinge of desire from his groin all the way to his flipping stomach.
They broke apart with a short smack of lips, foreheads pressed together.

“We can do this,” Noel murmured, probably saying this more to himself than Russell.

His hand flew confidently to Russell’s fly, and he felt about his pants while Russell bit Noel’s neck feverishly.
They kissed again more fluently, Noel snaking his fingers through Russell’s hair. Russell pressed Noel into the couch and replied, “I want you.”
Like a slap in the face, Russell’s mobile began ringing. It was a Britney Spears ringtone, and Noel groaned at both the absurdity of it and Russell’s lips reluctantly pulling away from his.
Noel felt like Russell had hit him back once he saw the name flashing on the phone just before Russell answered the call.

“Hi. No, I’m here. Yeah.”

Russell raked his fingers through his untidied hair and Noel felt foolish half naked and listening to his friend on the phone to his girlfriend.
Noel felt his eyes sting, and he looked above to stop himself looking like more of an idiot.
Russell hung up after a few more stunted murmurs into his phone. He turned to Noel with an infuriatingly guilty smile on his face.

“S’pose you’d better go,” Noel muttered bitterly, moving from the couch to find his shirt, but Russell grabbed his shoulders from behind and hugged him, arms across Noel’s chest.

“That was Katy’s mother. Wondering if I was here with you.”
Russell turned Noel to him, stroking his cheek.

“I left Katy...I mean; she left me, after I told her about wanting to bum you, et cetera.”

Noel raised an eyebrow. “Et cetera?”

“Well, if you let me. If you let me stay, it’d be for good.”

Noel felt himself grin, finally feeling like his old self; a giggly school child full of ideas.

“Shagger of the Year ready to settle down with a man, no longer bent on impregnating the female population?”

Russell began to walk down the hall way to Noel’s bedroom, before he turned back to look at shirtless Noel, offering him his hand.

“Et cetera,” Noel murmured, with Russell’s palm rubbing against his.

It was slow, passionate, and slightly amateur. However, Noel discovered knowing what worked on himself was highly useful when shagging a man. Russell insisted he hadn’t done this before, so Noel just had to believe he was just an expert as he came hard and suddenly (with a yell) against Russell’s hip as he sat on his lap in the tangle of bed sheets. He was digging into Russell’s back with his fingernails so hard half-moons remained in his skin and so did the marks along Noel’s neck.

There was a sense of relief as they lay together, chatting through the night. They no longer had to seek a feeling, a link that was missing before. Noel had recovered his sense of touch, in a way.

“I love you, too,” Noel said sleepily to Russell as he lay in bed while Russell dressed again to leave.
Although their night had been filled with love-declarations and shagging, responsibilities were calling them both. Noel needed to do more Buzzcocks and Russell had a deadline. Surely they hadn’t suddenly grown up?

“I know, mate,” Russell said airily, pretending to roll his eyes. With a cheeky grin, he was gone, and only after some time did Noel notice there was a note under Russell’s pillow:


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URA FEVER: R/N; Goth Detectivesgrimeysociety on December 23rd, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
I'm happy to be a help when you need a fix in the future. Hoping to write some more fics, because I've decided I just adore this pairing, and writing this fic was so challenging, but so fun. :)