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02 September 2012 @ 01:30 am
Fic: Primadonna (4/?)  
Title: Primadonna
Pairings/Characters: Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark; all Avengers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexy stuff, Avengers spoilers, some swears
Word Count: 3,363
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Only several hours passed before Loki managed to escape. There was one fatality, three injuries. The dead man got too close when handing Loki food through the slit in the metal door; he had a broken neck, and lay on the other side of the door as Loki opened it from the inside with his magic. He stalked down the hallway and threw three agents aside with ease. These were the things The Avengers were told the evening of Loki's capture. What everyone had predicted came true: Loki intended to be caught only to escape SHIELD headquarters. Whatever happened in between with Natasha and Darcy was sending a message to SHIELD that Loki was more capable, and more powerful than they originally assumed.

The Avengers Tower was notified of Loki's departure through a message JARVIS received from Fury. The team had been divided into their own leisurely activities. Deep-down, everyone had just been biding their time, too. Natasha and Clint were sparring in the gym, Bruce was meditating in his apartment, Thor had flown back to Jane in New Mexico, Steve was on the balcony drawing the view on his sketchpad, Tony was in his workshop, and Darcy was at her desk pretending nothing had changed since that morning. Her cheeks burned with the memory of Tony pressing her into a shelf while they fucked.

Though JARVIS' tone had been calm and quiet as usual, the reaction of the team was almost immediate. Within seconds, they assembled in the main sitting area of the penthouse.

“I'll call Jane,” Darcy stammered, and produced her phone from her jeans pocket, speed-dialing New Mexico.

“This is what he wanted,” Steve murmured. “If Loki's on the warpath we need to be prepared to leave as soon as we hear anything else.”

He was stating the obvious, but then again, maybe he was just talking to Darcy. She still hadn't experience a full-fledged Avengers mission yet. She nodded, and caught Tony's gaze for a brief moment before she turned her back on the team and walked towards the balcony and stepped out, phone pressed against her ear. Jane was taking too long to pick up.

“Come on, come on...”

“Hey! You've reached Dr. Foster's cellphone. Please leave a mess-”

Darcy hung up and tried the lab's landline. Still no answer. She snapped her phone shut and ran back inside, with all eyes on her.

“Something's up. She's not answering.”


They all suit up this time. The Kevlar. The star-spangled get-up with vibranium shield in hand. Bruce unbuttons some of his shirt, though Darcy isn't able to fully enjoy it in her current state of mind. Tony walks onto some kind of metal contraption and JARVIS places each part of the Iron Man suit on, and the trademark faceplate comes down.

“Let's go find Thor. And Dr. Foster,” Captain America added when Darcy shot him a dark look. “Wheels up in five.”

“I'm coming, too,” Darcy tried, but the collective glance everyone shot back at her made her shake her head the second she finished her sentence. “Or maybe not. But I don't want to just sit her and do nothing.”

“Keep trying Jane. Be prepared to go to the Panic Room,” Natasha gave her shoulder a squeeze. “We know we can trust you to make the right decision.”

What the hell did that mean? Darcy stared at her.

“You just keep me in the loop this time, alright?”

“Of course,” Natasha said, and Darcy could see she was deadly serious.

The team began making their way to the elevator, but Iron Man stayed back. The faceplate flew up and Tony looked down at Darcy with a wry smile.

“Do I get a kiss for good luck?”

At this rate, Darcy's forehead would be just a series of fine lines by the time she was thirty. Her eyebrows rose and she placed her hands on her hips.


“Do you want to pretend nothing happened?”

Darcy felt her heart sink. She didn't want to seem desperate, but God, no. She liked this guy, a lot. Even if he acted like a jackass most of the time. And also he was her boss. Darcy had almost forgot that part; she wanted to roll her eyes at herself. The cliché of clichés.

She leant upwards and crushed her lips against his to make her point. “No.”


Darcy and Tony turned their heads, the whole team was back at the doorway, waiting. It was probably Steve who yelled, being team leader and all. Darcy pressed her thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose and groaned, while Tony snickered.

“Alright, let's go. I don't see what all the hold-up is about,” the faceplate was down again but Darcy could almost hear the smirk in his voice.


Darcy paced in the sitting room because that was all she could do for now. Her phone was on speaker, repeatedly dialling Jane's number. Every twenty or so seconds, Darcy would turn to her phone that sat on the edge of on of the couches and redial once she got Jane's voicemail.

Darcy checked her watch and saw the team had only been gone twenty minutes. It felt like hours.

One of Darcy's many useless skills was being able to kill time by watching trashy TV, so she switched on the massive flat screen in the sitting room, flipping through channels to find something distracting and simple. The rising panic inside her could subside if she found an episode of Dance Moms or Toddlers & Tiaras, surely.

Several days passed before The Avengers returned. It wasn't for two days until Darcy learned of their location or whether Jane was even alive. Darcy didn't think it was over-dramatic of her to believe Jane's life could have been in danger since it was Loki business.

New reports started coming out of arson and injuries sustained by families. Jane's lab had been blown up. Darcy deduced that either their had been no fatalities since they hadn't been reported, or SHIELD had filtered them out somehow. She couldn't sit still any longer because two days of mindless TV and panic took over her. Neither did she sleep. She ate only when JARVIS tentatively reminded her of the time. His politeness wasn't comforting to Darcy.

“Mr. Stark and his colleagues would inform me if they were to return, Miss Lewis,” he explained, when she asked for the tenth time if anything was being kept from her.

She didn't want to get into an argument with the AI, so she dropped it. However, if her boss wasn't communicating, there was little she could do but worry.


The day they came back, Coulson met her in the sitting room. She had become a permanent fixture and it had started to show: there were food wrappers, bowls and plates stacked on every surface, the TV blared, and her eyes were wide and staring at the carpet as she moved about.

“Miss Lewis, we have word on The Avengers' whereabouts, and they'll be back at the Tower within a few hours.”

Coulson watched her as she came to a stop, looking up as if she'd just realized he had been standing there.

“What happened? Is everyone okay?”

“Minor injuries that can be easily taken care of here,” he answered, evading the first question. This told Darcy she needn't pry: the answer was clearly classified.

“And Jane?”

“Dr. Foster will be staying in one of the apartments. We're looking into her moving her research here since her own facilities no longer exist.”

This gave Darcy some relief. Jane on a regular basis again. Someone to talk to. A familiar face. And now she knew she certainly wasn't dead.

When Darcy didn't answer him, Coulson left. Darcy had been alone for so long even she was sad to see him go. She wouldn't have minded just arguing with him about what should and shouldn't be classified to make him stay.

She rubbed her eyes and decided to take a shower. God knows she needed one.


Darcy made sure everyone knew she was glad to see them, running at the team as soon as they appeared in the main sitting room again.
Everyone looked exhausted, particularly Bruce. They all were covered in bruises and cuts along their faces, arms and legs. Some clothes were torn.

“Oh, God!”

Darcy flew at Clint and Natasha first, much to Natasha's surprise. She threw her arms around their necks and pulled them down to her, embracing them in a three-way hug.
Clint let out the smallest laugh, more like a cough than anything, and Natasha winced.

“Darcy, take it easy.”

“I'm just so glad you're okay,” she babbled, and moved onto Bruce, who tensed as she burried her face in his chest. He patted her head nervously but gave a small smile.

“We're all a bit sore, still,” Steve explained. “Beaten up, I mean.”

Darcy jumped up and Steve caught her around the waist as she kissed him on the mouth, he turned red from the neck up. She may have just done the most patriotic thing in her life.

“Sorry. I'm just so glad.”

She felt an arm on her waist, and she knew it was Tony. She took her time to react, slowly turning her head to face him, while the rest of the team started to move away to sit down or find some food. Clint and Steve went straight to the kitchen while Natasha threw herself on a couch, sighing.

“You okay?” Tony asked, his voice low. He was smiling at her with several cuts on the side of his face. Darcy saw that parts of his hair was singed.


Darcy felt the sudden urge to cry. Of course she was fine. But what about him? What about those guys who'd just dragged themselves back from God-knows-what?

“You're ridiculous.”

Tony just laughed at that, and gave her hand a squeeze before joining Bruce on the balcony, probably to annoy him.


“It's so good to see you.”

Jane greeted Darcy from the hospital bed with open arms and a wide smile. She had cuts on the side of her face and a brilliant black eye. Other than that, she was glowing, with Thor beside her bed.

“I came as soon as JARVIS could find me a decent enough basket,” Darcy placed the hamper of chocolates, Ben & Jerry's, bath salts and scented lotions on the beside table and leaned over to hug Jane.

“Please don't get up,” she said to Thor, and wandered over to him to give him a hug. “I've never been taller than you ever, so I want to take full advantage of that opportunity.”

Jane explained that she had a lot of burns on her body, plus the minor bruising.
“Thor won't stop apologising,” Jane murmured, as if he weren't present. “It's not his fault.”

“You were just stubborn about trying to save your lab, right?” Darcy rose an eyebrow and crossed her arms. “Unless Loki torched the place with you inside.”

“Both. He was determined. So was I,” Jane sounded full of regret. “I guess I don't have any choice about who I work for anymore.”

“I'd like to say something like, 'SHIELD's not that bad', but I wouldn't know how accurate that statement was, sorry,” Darcy tried not to sound too bitter, but her own encounter with Loki was still fresh in her mind. She eyed Thor. “Stop moping. Aren't you glad your girlfriend's okay?”

“Of course! However I am afraid my brother may strike again, and Jane will feel the full brunt of his fury,” Thor mused, eyebrows knitted together with concern. “We must prepare for anything.”

Jane gave the smallest sad smile, patting Thor's enormous with her own tiny fingers. It was such an odd contrast, but Darcy saw them as a perfect fit. She rolled her eyes at the mushiness, but she couldn't help but be happy for Jane. She deserved this relationship after all that had happened.

“I'm volunteering to assist you in anyway, Jane,” Darcy said with a determined nod. “I need to branch out from Tony.”

Jane narrowed her eyes. “What did he do?”

Darcy felt her face flush. “Nothing. I just think I'm better use to The Avengers if I help everyone. I don't want to be limited to getting Tony coffee and food, answering his phone calls every so often. I'm not a secretary.”

“You're definitely not,” Jane agreed, but she still regarded Darcy with mixed amusement and suspicion.

Darcy quickly changed the subject to anything other than Tony Stark.


Darcy didn't know how to handle her own feelings, especially now that she'd had several days alone with just her thoughts to occupy her time. What she had known when the team left was that she wanted them all to return safely. What she hadn't anticipated was how much she wanted Tony when they returned.

It was distracting all night: they ate together in the sitting room (Thai take-out, because who really gave a shit about calories when you'd just saved the world – again), chatting together about nothing really at all, or lapsing into silence, and Darcy keep looking Tony's way, making eye-contact.

Okay, she was being obvious. But the growing need over want meant the heat in the pit of her stomach was almost frustrating due to anticipation. She was the first to finish dinner, and she walked off to the kitchen.

Tony wasn't far behind. They washed their dishes in silence and left them by the sink, and Darcy turned her heel and lead Tony to the elevator doors.

Once the doors opened, Tony pulled her inside, pressing her against the wall and kissed her. Darcy pressed her tongue into his mouth, dragging her fingers up his back beneath his shirt, enjoying the skin on skin contact.

They broke apart, and Tony nuzzled into her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist. Darcy wasn't about to ignore how hard he was against her thigh, though this was turning into a touching moment.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

His voice was so small Darcy didn't recognise it. He moved his face up again from her neck and rested his forehead against hers.

“About whether I wanted to pretend nothing happened?”

He nodded, dubious. Darcy pretended to consider it for a moment, teasing him. And for a second, he believed her hesitation. She clutched at his face, boring her eyes into his.

“Hey. I don't regret anything. I want this,” she kissed him for emphasis. “I want you.”

“I've screwed up a lot of things before. I don't want to fuck this up when you could just -”

“I am not making a run for it, okay? We can work out this monogamy thing.”

And whatever thoughts had been troubling Tony at that point, their age difference, the fact that he was her boss, the danger that came with dating a superhero...they were gone. They barely got out of the elevator and into Darcy's apartment before they started feeling up each other over their clothes like a pair of teenagers.

Tony pressed her up against the back of the door as it slammed behind them, Darcy threw her bunch of keys somewhere towards the kitchen counter before jumping up to wrap her thighs around Tony's waist. He nearly dropped her before grabbing her ass and lifting her, groaning against her mouth.

He managed to take her to her bedroom, somehow without tripping over anything, because Darcy really should have cleaned up a bit if she'd anticipated visitors. They tumbled onto the bed, and Darcy tugged Tony's shirt off as he lifted his arms.

She hadn't seen him shirtless before then; he was lean but had toned muscles from years in his workshop, and no doubt the superhero thing had kept him in good shape. The arc reactor gave off a soft glow in the dimness of her bedroom, and Darcy suppressed an outright purr as she pushed Tony into the mattress, pulling at the waistband of his pants to free his erection.

This wasn't just some stupid crush. This was give and take. Two consenting adults, and this wasn't the first time this was going to happen. Darcy's lip curled as Tony regarded her with dark eyes. No, there was plenty more where that came from.

She ducked her head and took him in her mouth, humming. Tony hissed, for once actually remaining quiet as he concentrated on her lips, and then her tongue as she swirled around him. He reached down and tilted her chin up to keep eye contact, and Darcy felt his thigh muscles tense as she massaged them slowly with small circles.

“Sorry,” he babbled, as he bucked involuntarily, Darcy gagging momentarily. She stopped before she went too far, rising up to kiss Tony greedily on the mouth.
“You're wearing way too many clothes.”

Tony was practically growling, panting against her mouth as she undressed her with calloused fingers. First the drawstring of her sweatpants, the same ones from the first time they fucked. He pushed down the waistband with splayed fingers and cupped her ass as he freed her.

Darcy moaned, which only encouraged Tony to roll on top of her and lunge at her exposed neck. His fingers slowly made their way up under her t-shirt. He placed two fingers at her sternum, just under the lip of her bra, his hand rising with her chest as her breathing became more shallow.

Darcy tugged at her bra, unclipping in clumsily before letting it drop to the floor. Tony's eyes dropped before snapping up again to Darcy's face.

He looked like he was about to say something, but Darcy cut him off with another crushing kiss, pulling him on top of her. There was a brief pause as Tony pulled down her underwear with one hand, before slamming into her with a groan.

“Fuck,” he gasped, her cunt tight around him as he pulled out just a little before slamming into her again. His pace quickened and Darcy could already feel her orgasm rising inside her.

She rose her legs further up until her ankles were at Tony's shoulders, and she felt herself stretched out and falling apart so sweetly, coming within seconds.

Tony's breathing was coming out in little huffs, sweat starting to show on his chest and face. His face was screwed up in determination as he fucked her in a frenzy.

“Tony,” Darcy murmured, and she grabbed one of his hands guiding him to her clit. “Tony.

She made a soft whimper and clenched around him, coming for the second time as his digits grazed against her.

She dropped her legs, and they changed positions: now he was on his back writhing against the pillows with his hands on her breasts as she rode him with a hand pressed against the headboard on the side of Tony's face. Her other hand occupied her clit this time, rubbing as Tony was fully sheathed.

“I'm so close,” she choked, and Tony lifted up again to rock with her in his lap, and she gripped his shoulders this time as she felt herself come again, her mouth on Tony's neck open in a silent scream.
Tony eased up as he fucked her down from her orgasm, building her up again for another as his hand snaked towards Darcy's own, and they rubbed her together as Darcy squeezed her eyes shut, clenching around Tony. He shuddered, groaning, and held Darcy to him, flattening her chest against his as he shook with his own orgasm.

Darcy's eyes fluttered and she sighed, stroking the back of his hair. She could get used to this.

Note: Plot? What plot? ...This felt like such a filler chapter, but whatcha gonna do about it? Well, hopefully improve next time.